Resilience in urban and regional development: from concept to implementation

Meeting or Conference
Dresden Leibniz Graduate School (DLGS)
27-28 Mar 2014
Germany (Berlin)
Conference Centre Reinhardtstraßenhöfe, Reinhardtstraße 12 – 14
In contrast to sustainability, the definition of resilience relates to the ability of ecosystems to absorb shocks and disruptions and to maintain central functions in a system to the greatest possible extent even when exposed to stress. Of significance here is not only the development of robust and resistant structures, but also the establishment of a regional system with a high level of adaptive capacity that can both reactively and proactively adjust to changing framework conditions. A resilient urban region is characterised particularly by ecological, economic and social integrity. The aim of the conference, to be held in 2014, is to position and embed the concept of resilience in the theoretical context, to define determinants of resilience, and to illustrate the various perspectives of resilience research. The operationalisation and empirical investigation of regional and urban resilience are particular focuses of interest. An especial aim is, for instance, to present proposals for measuring concepts, indicators and investigative strategies so that empirical findings can provide a basis for developing practical guidelines and recommendations for action for the various actors in spatial planning and spatial development. In the last decade the concept of urban and regional resilience has been much discussed and has been further developed in many areas. Today academics, politicians and decision-makers are concerned with the question of how resilience in cities and regions emerges and can be developed. However, in particular the practical instrumentalisation of the resilience concept, and the measurability and empirical verification of resilience have to date been very little researched and should be discussed within the framework of this conference.

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Participation fee: €40; reduced fee for students (including doctoral students): €20; reduced fee for one-day attendance: €20; reduced fee for one-day attendance of students and doctoral students: €10

What is included in the event fee

The conference fee includes admission to all conference sessions and lectures, refreshments at the conference venue, and all conference documentation.The organisers cannot reimburse travelling expenses or accommodation costs incurred by those presenting papers within the conference sessions.

How to register

Abstracts of papers are invited from interested scientists, in particular from young academics, from those working in the fields of politics and public administration, and from representatives of professional bodies. Please note the following key dates: November 1, 2013: deadline for submitting abstracts December 1, 2013: notification of acceptance of paper (by e-mail) January 7, 2014: publication of programme / beginning of registration period. Please register online.


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