Introduction to flood risk analysis and management

Training Course
Hydraulics Research Wallingford (HR Wallingford)
14-15 Nov 2013
United Kingdom (Wallingford)

Sustainable flood risk management is about maximising both social and economic resilience against flooding, by protecting and working with the environment, in a way which is fair and affordable both now and in the future. Resilience to flooding can be increased through a variety of measures, including structural (flood defence), non-structural (flood warning, floodplain storage, flood event management) and, most commonly, an optimum combination of the two. The course will introduce the concepts of flood risk analysis and management within the context of current UK policies and legislation, drawing on the experience of the tutors. Current techniques in considering climate change and joint probability will be presented in outline, as will latest guidance on producing flood risk assessments. Due to the size of the subject, the course will focus on river and urban flooding. However, much of the course content will have relevance to tidal and coastal flooding. It is designed as a suitable follow-on course from Introduction to River Hydrology and Hydraulics, but can be undertaken independently. Some background knowledge of hydrology and/or hydraulics would be helpful.

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Event fee

£525.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%).

Target audience

The course is designed for anyone who requires an understanding of flood risk and its relevance to river management and development planning. It is suitable for recent graduates, consultants, local authority staff, development control and flood defence officers, and for specialists from other disciplines involved in river and catchment management.

How to register

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Early Warning, Risk Identification & Assessment, Urban Risk & Planning, Disaster Risk Management, Critical Infrastructure
United Kingdom
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