Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: Applying science and strategies at the community level

Training Course
Integrated Assessment Society, the (TIAS); Seeconsult GmBH; United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS); Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Programa de Investigación en Cambio Climático (PINCC)) (UNAM); University of Guanajuato
01-13 Dec 2013
Mexico (Guanajuato City and Las Palomas)
English, Spanish

The CATALYST-Local Winter Academy is inviting young research students and post-doctoral researchers from across Europe and Mexico to come to Guanajuato State in Mexico, to learn from experienced trainers and local communities about both the theory and practice of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. This training event will enrich the research activities of the participants and increase their practical knowledge of the possibilities for and the limits to the implementation of the theory at the community level. Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

  • Introduction to Climate Change Adaptation (CCA)

  • Vulnerability assessment and risk analysis

  • DRR and urban planning

  • DRR and ecosystems services

  • Participatory processes for DRR/CCA planning

  • Adaptive agriculture

  • Working in rural communities

  • Communication of DRR/CCA plans and information

  • 4-day applied project work

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Event fee

550 Euros for European-based participants

What is included in the event fee

Registration includes logistical organization, training, course materials, in-country travel between Mexico City and the academy locations, accommodation and all breakfasts in Guanajuato State and all meals in Las Palomas.

Target audience

Since the academy is taking place in a remote community in rural Mexico, the requirements for participation are demanding:

  1. English and Spanish language skills;

  2. Demonstrated intercultural awareness;

  3. Interest in integrated research approaches to reducing disaster risks and supporting community-based adaptation;

  4. Willingness to camp (close to the community) and to do without modern comforts for five days (including the availability of a wide selection of food, internet, and mobile phone services – there is a public telephone);

  5. Strong and robust health and fitness;

  6. A post-graduate degree and enrollment (or or seeking to enrol) in a PhD programme;

  7. Students that are European-based, or that are Mexican nationals (because of funding criteria);

  8. Willingness to share and learn in a multi-disciplinary group of young researchers, experienced trainers and local people.

How to register

Please submit the following to the event organiser:

  • A completed application form

  • A letter of interest in English indicating the reasons for your interest in participating in this Academy, and how it might enrich your current research work

  • A current CV (indicating level of competence in English and Spanish)

  • A letter of recommendation from your research adviser or employer, familiar with your research work.


Climate Change, Community-based DRR, Risk Identification & Assessment, Urban Risk & Planning, Food Security & Agriculture
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