5th annual world town planning day online conference

Meeting or Conference
American Planning Association (APA); Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP); Federacion Iberoamericana de Urbanistas (FIU); International Federation of Housing and Planning (IFHP); Planning Institute Australia (PIA); Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI); South African Council for Planners (SACPLAN)
06-07 Nov 2013

This online conference will bring together ideas from around the world about how we plan for communities in response to water-related issues. They are keen to attract speakers that provide a perspective from outside the traditional realm of planning and design as well as draw on multi-disciplinary material. They hope to offer insights to help improve the built environment - their cities, towns, rural communities and the natural environment.

Conference theme

Water and planning: The fluid challenge

Session themes

Shared water: Whether it be cross-borders or many users sharing one water source, how we collaborate and govern for the rights to share resources can impact how our communities can survive.

  • How are communities working together to share water resources?

  • How are people valuing and pricing water?

  • How are planners involved in the negotiation for water rights?

Deep water: There are many impacts of climate change specifically related to water - sea-level rise, etc.

  • How are communities being designed and planned to adapt to these changes?

  • How are scientists and planners working together?

  • Are we keeping our communities informed?

Smart water: The advancements in technology for water are expanding all of the time - recycling water, water storage, re-using water.

  • What infrastructure is required to be ‘smart’?

  • What are the current advancements and trends for the future?

  • How can we plan communities to accommodate these technologies?

Under water: There have been some major flood events across all continents in the last decade.

  • How have planners changed their approaches to designing communities in response to flooding?

  • How are communities planning for the next flood event?

  • What is the role of planners in the phases of a flood event - response, recovery, rebuild, plan?

Virtual water: New technologies and data analysis techniques can assist planners in the role to design communities that can better manage water-related issues.

  • What mapping and data analysis techniques are most effective ? 

  • How will technology improve our water management? 

  • How are information and ideas regarding water management being shared across the world?

Natural water: Water is essential for the function of our natural environments and ecosystems.

  • How are the environmental needs for water being measured and planned for?

  • How are we valuing the ecosystem services provided by our water catchments?

  • How can planners prioritise 'environmental' needs over 'community' needs? 

No water: In some communities the problem is not having access to clean and sustainable water sources.

  • How does technology contribute to provide water in these areas?

  • What new businesses and social enterprises are being created on the water issues?

Call for abstracts

We invite you to contribute to the fifth Online Conference for World Town Planning Day. Please join us and share ways to plan for our communities in the face of so many issues related to water. Submit a paper relevant to any of the session themes.

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How to register

For more information, please email the event coordinator.

Abstract submissions due by 20 August 2013.


Climate Change, Community-based DRR, Environment & Ecosystems, Recovery, Urban Risk & Planning, GIS & Mapping, Water, Social Impacts & Social Resilience, Critical Infrastructure
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