Community resilience: Children and schools

Training Course
Emergency Planning College (EPC)
24 Sep 2013
United Kingdom (Easingwold)
The Emergency Planning College

Schools are one of the hubs of our society and one of the main settings in which we have to safeguard children. They can also play a pivotal role in shaping how our young people meet the demands and challenges of emergencies that disrupt the life of their schools and communities. Engaging children in resilience is a powerful and effective way of promoting it across the community. The course will capitalize on proven successes in this field and give school leaders and others interested in this subject a tried and trusted (and very practical) toolkit of concepts, ideas and case studies. This will enable them to make a decisive impact in schools and a material, cost effective contribution to community resilience. The course is taught by an acknowledged expert in the field with a national reputation. Her work has been showcased by government ministries. Rosanna Briggs also leads for the College on communication strategies for warning and informing the public.

Course aims To help schools to support their communities by developing robust arrangements for coping with major disruptions, focusing on the “Resilient Child”. Course objectives By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  1. Design strategies to raise children’s’ awareness of resilience and emergencies.

  2. Engage children effectively for roles as messengers and champions of community resilience.

  3. Evaluate strategies for achieving these outcomes.

  4. Provide effective support for your wider and strategic obligations in the safeguarding of children.

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Target audience

This course is aimed at a very broad range of professionals, as befits its core subject matter - which is community resilience. You should attend if you are:

  • A teacher

  • A leader or manager in schools or education authorities

  • A school governor

  • An emergency planner interested in outreach and public communication strategies

  • An elected member with education and resilience portfolios

  • A safeguarding lead in a council

  • A member of safeguarding board

  • A director of care services

  • A business providing outsourced services with child safety dimensions

  • Part of a voluntary or charitable agency.

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Community-based DRR, Education & School Safety, Social Impacts & Social Resilience, Vulnerable Populations
United Kingdom
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