Flood risk management

Training Course
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Office - IHE Institute for Water Education (UNESCO-IHE)
10-27 Jun 2014

This course introduces the participants to the state-of-the-art concepts and practices of flood risk management. It covers the European experience in managing floods and stresses in the use of the latest tools in flood risk management. Course content The course will introduce the basic concepts of flood risk management and the latest tools and techniques available in managing flood risk. Specific contents are:

  • Introduction to flood risk management

  • Flood risk management in practice – the different models of FRM

  • The role of uncertainty in evaluating flood risks

  • Sources of risk and their quantification (including flash floods, flood hazard mapping and climate change impacts)

  • Risk pathways (including 2D flood inundation modelling and reliability analysis of flood defence structures)

  • Vulnerability (consequences on receptors): Risk perception, community behaviour and social resilience

  • Pre-flood measures in FRM: sustainability issues, long-term planning, flood forecasting and warning, flood risk maps

  • During flood measures in FRM (flood emergency response and evacuation planning)

  • Post flood measures (flood recovery)

  • EU framework directive on floods; other national (eg UK) flood directives. European experience in managing floods.

Learning objectives

  1. On completion of this module the participants are able to: Understand and explain the main principles of flood risk management;

  2. Understand the Hydroinformatics tools available for flood risk management;

  3. Conceptualise the main principles of EU flood directive and have knowledge about European experience in flood risk management;

  4. Understand and explain the main principles of flood forecasting and warning and uncertainty issues associated with flood forecasts;

  5. Familiarise with the different flood forecasting models;

  6. Utilise their hands-on experience in the step-by-step modelling procedure to build flood inundation models.  

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Event fee

€ 2700

Target audience

The course is designed for current and future water professionals (engineers and scientists), decision-makers and others involved in flood modelling and flood management, particularly those who would like to be familiarise with the latest tools and techniques in flood risk management. Pre-requisites are knowledge about hydrology and hydraulics; some experiences with flood modelling/management is desirable but it is not a must.

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Climate Change, Early Warning, Recovery, GIS & Mapping, Disaster Risk Management
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