Policies for climate change and European agriculture: Adaptation and mitigation

Meeting or Conference
Agricultural Economics Society (AES)
20 Sep 2013
United Kingdom (Reading)
Agricultural Building at the University of Reading

Climate change is likely to have differing implications for agriculture in European countries. Farming in some countries may benefit from warmer temperatures and higher rainfall. Others may suffer from higher temperatures and water shortages. Greater variability in weather patterns is likely and extreme events such as drought and floods could become more common. Farmers will have to respond to these changing production conditions and the resulting costs and benefits. Policy initiatives to promote mitigation and adaptation will play a key role and may be prompted by domestic political concerns or by future international climate agreements. Moreover, agricultural policy can either help or hinder adaptation and enhance or impede the role of agriculture in mitigating climate change. A key question is how future EC and national policies will deal with the challenges that climate change poses for European agriculture? This one-day conference brings together researchers and policy advisors who are familiar with the issues raised by climate change to address the future direction of agricultural policies in Europe in response to the need for adaptation and mitigation in the sector. In addition to broad coverage of the issues, presenters will provide an in-depth analysis of challenges and options in selected countries (France, Greece and Norway) reflecting Europe’s geographical diversity. Policy options for facilitating the management of risks posed by climatic variability and the relationship between climate change policies and international trade agreements through the World Trade Organization will also be addressed. The conference will conclude with a panel discussion on the way forward for policy. It is envisaged that the presentations will be made available on the AES website and other channels of publication are also being explored.

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Climate Change, Environment & Ecosystems, Governance, Economics of DRR, Water, Food Security & Agriculture
Drought, Flood
United Kingdom
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