Online conference: Climate 2013 - Opportunities and challenges for climate change management in Latin America

Meeting or Conference
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
04-08 Nov 2013

In line with the aims of the on-line climate conference series, delegates taking part at CLIMATE 2013 will find in the e-conference a unique opportunity to look at technological developments, approaches, methods and projects in the field of climate change not only under a scientific perspective but also in connection with management tools in a way not yet seen elsewhere - interactive, across disciplines and 100 % virtual. To allow users from all over the world to access this extraordinary knowledge pool and avoiding travel and CO2 emissions - often a major barrier for participants from the developing world. CLIMATE 2013 aims are the following:

  • Introduce the latest findings from scientific research on climate variation, climate change and its links with renewable energies in ACP countries, with a special focus on small island countries;

  • Showcase projects, technological developments, products and other climate smart initiatives in this field being undertaken by companies, universities and scientific institutions, government bodies, national and international agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders;

  • Discuss current and future challenges, so as to identify new opportunities and highlight the un-seized potential related to promoting a better understanding of the connections between climate variation, climate change and climate change management.

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Target audience

The internet conference CLIMATE 2013 will be of special interest to:

  • Young scientists as well as established researchers who conduct research and studies on aspects related to climate change and renewable energies;

  • Multilateral donors and international aid organizations;

  • NGOs and social institutions concerned with climate change and renewable energy;

  • Companies working on technological products and innovation in the climate sector;

  • Associations and businesses, in particular from the finance and the insurance sector;

  • Government institutions (Environment Ministries, Planning Committees etc.); and

  • Other stakeholders whose activities are influenced by climate change.

The e-conference will provide valuable know-how for international and regional climate change, planning and management experts, as well as all those interested in the connections between climate change, climate-smart technologies and climate change management. In order to assist with the training of a new generation of scientists, the participation of doctoral students will be warmly encouraged.

How to register

Please register online.


Climate Change, Governance
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