4th international INQUA meeting on paleoseismology, active tectonics and archeoseismology

Meeting or Conference
INQUA International Focus Group on Paleoseismology and Active Tectonics; Paleoseismicity.org
09-15 Oct 2013
Germany (Aachen)

The last three meetings in Spain (2009), Greece (2011), and Mexico (2012) brought together more than 250 international scientists from earthquake geology and all neighbouring disciplines. We have seen fruitful and intense discussions, they kicked off dozens of joint projects and they started international collaborations and initiatives to extend the knowledge on past earthquakes. A large number of peer reviewed articles has been published in special volumes as an outcome of these conferences. It became clear that paleoseismological research is imperative to seismic hazard studies. It will gain even more importance in the emerging discussion on seismic safety of nuclear power plants and waste deposits, chemical industry and other critical facilities and infrastructure. During the Aachen 2013 meeting they will deepen international international collaboration, they will discuss the road map of their discipline and they will throw the points of future initiatives. Conference sessions:

  • Paleoseismology

  • Archeoseismology and earthquake archeological effects (EAE)

  • Tsunamis and paleotsunamis

  • Earthquake triggered mass movements

  • Earthquakes, earthquake environmental effects and cascading effects

  • Society, communication, critical facilities and seismic hazard assessment

  • Special session on slow active faults

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Event fee

Workshop including excursion: 180 EUR

How to register

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Risk Identification & Assessment, Disaster Risk Management
Earthquake, Tsunami
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