Adaptation futures 2014: Third international climate change adaptation conference

Meeting or Conference
Earth System Science Center of the National Institute for Space Studies (CCST-INPE); Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation (PROVIA)
12-16 May 2014
Brazil (Fortaleza)
Centro de Eventos do Ceará

This conference will focus on climate impacts and adaptation options. It will bring together scientists and decision makers, and practitioners from developed and developing countries to share research approaches, methods and results. It will explore the way forward in a world where impacts are increasingly observable and adaptation actions are increasingly required. The adaptation futures 2014 conference will:

  • showcase leading impacts and adaptation research from around the world.

  • explore the contribution of adaptation science to planning and policy making,

  • investigate how robust adaptation decision making can proceed in the face of uncertainty about climate change and its impacts.

  • showcase cutting-edge research focusing on themes of equity and risk, learning, capacity building, methodology, adaptation finance and investment, and ecosystem based adaptation approaches.

  • explore practical adaptation policies and approaches, and share strategies for decision making from the international to the local scale.

  • introduce and examine new tools and methodologies for adaptation finance tracking monitoring and evaluation

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Event fee

Full registration: $400 USD, Student registration: $150 USD, One-day registration: $100 USD (does not include dinner), Full registration (with no dinner): $350 USD

How to register

Please register online.


Capacity Development, Climate Change, Governance, Economics of DRR
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