Third water framework directive international conference: Climate change impacts on water security and safety

Meeting or Conference
Maggi Churchouse Events
04-06 Nov 2013
France (Lille)

The conference will review technical challenges faced by member states, stakeholder organisations and scientists, while integrating climate change components (understanding, prevention, preparedness) into the River Basin Management Planning under the Water Framework Directive (WFD), in particular adaptation measures expected to take place within the 2nd RBMP. It will look at the way cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary co-operation has developed with a strong focus on climate change research, and how emerging issues such as adaptation to climate change will be considered in the water sector in the future. This event aims to be a forum of exchanges between policy-makers, stakeholders, and scientists on issues that are closely related to the implementation of EU water policies. Discussions will hence not be limited to the WFD, but will open up to related policies concerning, for example, floods, climate change adaptation, as well as UN policies. The four main themes of the conference will be:

  • Climate-proofed programme of measures and impacts upon ecosystems (mainly adaptation with some mitigation)

  • Hydroclimatic extreme events (eg droughts and floods)

  • Water safety and health impact (eg microbiological and chemical quality of water, water safety plans from WHO, protection of vital strategic sites), climate change effect on water-related diseases

  • Water security (eg scarcity of resources, hydroconflicts, terrorism and socio-economic issues)

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Event fee

Member of the RSC, SCI or Institute of Water: €325, Non-members: €375, Post-graduate student: €150

Target audience

Target audience includes:

  • Water professionals, managers and scientists

  • Consultants

  • Academics

  • Local authority and government body representatives

How to register

Please register online.


Climate Change, Health & Health Facilities, Governance, Water
Drought, Flood
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