3 day course on adaptation and mainstreaming

Training Course
Garama 3C Ltd (Garama)
15-17 Jul 2013
United Kingdom (Norwich)
Garama office
08-10 Oct 2013
United Kingdom (Norwich)
Garama office


Garama’s 3-day residential course on adaptation and mainstreaming is aimed at development professionals and planners who need to integrate or ‘mainstream’ climate change into their work. Through the training of key individuals, the course will also help to develop the capacity of organisations to design and implement their own climate change mainstreaming and safeguards systems. A number of organisations are implementing such systems to address climate-related risks to their development investments/initiatives, and to ensure that they are promoting resilient, ‘climate smart’ development.

Course summary

The focus of the course is on mainstreaming processes and mechanisms, including screening for climate risks and opportunities, climate risk/vulnerability assessment, the evaluation of adaptation, and the design of adaptation measures/interventions. The taught sessions on these topics are accompanied by practical exercises designed to familiarise participants with the key steps and mechanisms in the mainstreaming process.

Work on the practicalities of mainstreaming is complemented by contextual content on the science of global climate change, key concepts such as risk and vulnerability, the relationship of adaptation to development, adaptation in different sectors, and adaptation finance.

There will be some discussion of global mitigation pathways and targets, the concept of green growth, and adaptation-mitigation linkages. The role of climate screening in identifying opportunities for low-carbon development also will be addressed. However, the purpose of the course is not to address low-carbon development, energy or related issues in any great depth.

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Event fee

£1200 with accommodation, £800 without accommodation

What is included in the event fee

Fee with accommodation includes course fees, four nights accommodation (bed and breakfast), lunch on each of the training days, and evening meals on two nights.

Target audience

  • Development professionals from NGOs, government departments, donor organisations, agencies tasked with implementing adaptation, and other organisations, who are beginning to address climate change adaptation in their work and need to develop their skills further in this area;

  • Representatives of organisations that need to develop formal mechanisms for mainstreaming climate change, including climate safeguards systems, portfolio screening mechanisms and risk assessment methodologies;

  • Individuals working on climate change and development issues who want to achieve a better understanding of the interface between development and climate change, and improve their knowledge of emerging mainstreaming tools and approaches.

  • Participants should be proficient in English.

How to register

Please email the event coordinator to register.


Climate Change, Risk Identification & Assessment, Economics of DRR
United Kingdom
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