Workshop on knowledge-creation and capacity-building for actions in climate-induced migration

Meeting or Conference
Climate Service Center (CSC); European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST); Research Group Climate Change and Security, University of Hamburg (CLISEC)
15-16 Jul 2013
Germany (Hamburg)

It is now widely known that the 21st century will be characterized by changes shaped by climate and global environmental change. Many studies have examined the threats and concerns about climate-induced migration, posing challenges to populations, governments and governance structures. If no action is taken, migration and inadequate reactions to it could put additional pressure on the social/ecological systems and increase their vulnerability and incapability to respond to future stressors. The workshop aim is to contribute to the enhancement of four types of knowledge production which might improve and provoke actions:

  • System knowledge which identifies the cause of present problems and their future development including also the potential for policies to maximise the benefits of environmental and climate-induced migration and minimise its risks;

  • Target knowledge concerned with the values and norms that can be used to form goals of migration polices;

  • Transformation knowledge dealing with how a problematic situation can be transformed and improved and about how to minimise the negative effects of policies;

  • Transdisciplinary knowledge collected from different sources representing the information feed-forward and feed-back processes across individuals that are necessary for transformations in societal processes and related policies.

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Target audience

Experts, practitioners, researchers and policy-makers.


Climate Change, Environment & Ecosystems, Information Management, Governance
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