Harnessing ecosystem based approaches for food security and adaptation to climate change in Africa

Meeting or Conference
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
20-21 Aug 2013
Kenya (Nairobi)

In Africa, where food waste is negligible, and population growth remains high, increase and sustainable production is a key requirement for food security. In this context, harnessing ecosystem based adaptation in response to climatic change impacts in agriculturally dominated areas is timely and opens a window of opportunity for taking stock of the state of ecosystem based knowledge for food security in the continent. Building on the commonalities shared by countries in Africa, sharing lessons of ecological approaches for food security and climate change adaptation can be formulated as well as easily disseminated. Fostering regional co-operation through knowledge sharing could boost and enable institutional processes for integrating ecosystem based adaptation approaches into food security policies hence helping countries in addressing both climate risks and food insecurity using consolidated solutions that serve communities now and in the future. The workshop and follow-up activities will provide a platform for facilitating learning from each other’s experiences. Consolidating knowledge on ecological approaches from countries and participants working in the region is an important way of optimizing the use of resources for addressing food insecurity and climate change adaptation under the current financial resource constraints. The key objectives of the workshop are:

  • Aggregate the lessons shared into common solutions for food security and climate change adaptation across country application, in building the capacity of the practitioners, supporting policy processes at all levels as well as empowering countries in undertaking bigger actions.

  • Share information on targeted ecological actions that provide opportunities for addressing perennial food insecurity in Sub Saharan Africa.

  • Identify key challenges and bottlenecks hindering the scaling-up of ecosystem based adaptation practices, and how can they be overcome.

Conference format:

The conference will take place over three days, and will consist of a combination of plenary and panel group discussions. This mixture of plenary and panel discussions will provide participants with an outstanding opportunity to interact and learn about the latest ideas and practices in harnessing ecosystems services for food security and climate change adaptation.

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Climate Change, Environment & Ecosystems, Governance, Food Security & Agriculture
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