International training programme on flood risk mapping and modeling and assessment

Training Course
Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (CSSTEAP)
22-26 Jul 2013
India (Dehradun)
Center for Space and Technology Education in Asia and Pacific (CSSTEAP), IIRS Campus

Objective The main objective of this 5 day training is to allow disaster management communities with easy, quick and accurate access to flood-related information and dissemination through the support of space agencies, disaster charter and research/academic institutions for improved understanding on flood risk monitoring and planning, rapid response system during recovery phase. Expected benefits after the course It is expected that the participants will acquire necessary information on the procedures in activating disaster charters, availability and use of satellite datasets, methodology in mapping flood inundation and damage analysis during the training period. This training will help them to establish space-based disaster initiatives in their own organizations and networking among institutions within the country and beyond for effective flood management. It is planned to expose the participants:

  • For knowledge sharing on flood management and risk mapping

  • Introduction to hydrological and inundation modeling software

  • Application of remote sensing and GIS in flood risk mapping

  • To provide hands-on experience on using wide-range of satellite datasets both optical and microwave data in preparation of operational flood inundation mapping, rapid response emergency mapping, and analysis on flood damage

  • To analyze flood damage on crop affected areas and flood risk assessment using GIS tools

Programme outline

  • Lectures to familiarize concept of disaster risk reduction, Hyogo Framework for Action, space technology for flood disasters, flood risk modeling, etc

  • Remote sensing, GIS, information systems, satellite and sensors for flood monitoring, early warning systems, etc

  • Remote sensing based flood risk mapping and modeling, flood early warning systems

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Target audience

This training is designed for disaster manager with flood hazard in his/her sphere of responsibility. Although the focused area is the South Asia Region, participants from areas outside this region are also welcome to join the course.

How to register

Please mail a copy of the duly completed application form to the address below, or email the scanned document to the course director: Course Director (RS&GIS) CSSTEAP IIRS Campus, 4, Kalidas Road Dehradun 248 001 (INDIA)


Early Warning, Recovery, Risk Identification & Assessment, Space & Aerial Technology, Governance, GIS & Mapping, Disaster Risk Management
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