Online course: Climate change adaptation, loss and damage

Training Course
United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
03 Jun - 07 Jul 2013

Course objectives This online course aims to facilitate international negotiations, public sector work, and diplomatic engagement in relation to climate change impacts and adaptation measures through an enhanced understanding of its science, the international policy framework, and the key negotiation issues pertinent to the UNFCCC process. At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Comprehend climate change science and the observed and projected impacts of climate change;

  • Track and explain the international adaptation and loss and damage policy framework, in particular the negotiations under the UNFCCC;

  • Define and understand adaptation, loss and damage from climate change impacts and its links to mitigation;

  • Appreciate international considerations for climate change decision-making;

  • Appraise the key issues in the ongoing international climate change negotiations, and how to build and move forward from the outcomes of COP18

Course content

The course content is to be confirmed but will tentatively include the following one-week modules:

  1. Climate change: impacts, vulnerability and adaptation

  2. Adaptation in the convention process

  3. Loss and damage associated with climate change impacts

  4. Adaptation action and cooperation in practice

  5. Adaptation and loss and damage agenda in Doha (COP18)

Methodology The course will be conducted in English over a period of five weeks, each week consisting of a module focusing on a different topic. The course will be delivered via UNITAR’s e-Learning platform. This pedagogical tool will help the student meet the course’s learning objectives through a self-paced study routine supported by multimedia, optional and required readings, discussion forums, assessment quizzes, and a wealth of other information.

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Target audience

The course targets mid to senior-level government officers in ministries preparing for and/or taking part in conferences in relation to climate change as well as staff of intergovernmental/non-governmental organizations. It also targets entry-level and mid-career diplomats working in a multilateral setting. Private sector specialists and students whose work or studies are related to this subject are also encouraged to apply.

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Climate Change, Governance
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