International congress and trade fair on forest fire and climate change: Challenges for fire management in natural and cultural landscapes of Eurasia

Meeting or Conference
Global Fire Monitoring Centre (GFMC); Russian Federation - government
11-13 Nov 2013
Russian Federation (Novosibirsk)
Novosibirsk Expocenter

The international congress

In order to bring together the representatives of the science community, forest managers and land management authorities, the industry and representatives of civil protection and emergency services, the “International Conference and Trade Fair on Forest Fire and Climate Change: Challenges for Fire Management in Natural and Cultural Landscapes of Eurasia” will be organized in Novosibirsk, Russia, 11-13 November 2013. The recommendations of the conference will be forwarded to the “UNECE/FAO Regional Forum on Transboundary Cooperation in Fire Management” which will be held 28-29 November 2013 at the United Nations in Geneva. The congress will address:

  • Regional climate change in Eurasia: Observed trends and modeling of the future

  • Impacts of climate change on Eurasian landscapes (Forests, wetlands and peatlands, steppes and grasslands)

  • Challenges and new approaches for forest management and fire management under changing Socio-Economic and Environmental conditions

  • Fire management in agricultural lands

  • Participation of civil society in fire management (Fire prevention, defense of villages and rural assets against wildfires, volunteers)

  • Public policies and strategic planning in fire management.

The exhibition and trade fair

1st International Exhibition for Forest Fire Fighting and Protection will become an ideal place of meeting for interested customers such as authorities and representatives of agencies responsible for forest protection and fire prevention with manufactures producing fire management equipment. This exhibition will facilitate industry development, establishing of the contacts and their maintenance.

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Target audience

  • Representatives of Russian agencies responsible for forest management and forest fire management (federal and regional)

  • Representatives of EMERCOM of Russia (federal and regional)

  • Representatives of responsible agencies in neighboring countries (Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Ukraine, China, Belarus, West Europe) and at international level

  • Representatives of nations and international entities involved in international cooperation in fire management and disaster risk reduction.


Civil Society/NGOs, Climate Change, Environment & Ecosystems, Social Impacts & Social Resilience
Wild Fire
Russian Federation
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