6th international conference on flood management (ICFM6)

Meeting or Conference
Brazilian Water Resource Association (ABRH)
16-18 Sep 2014
Brazil (São Paulo)
Maksoud Plaza Hotel

The 6th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM6) marks the continued advancement of flood management practices and policies around the world. The name change from "Defense” as used in the previous four events to "Management" is reflective of the more integrative approaches to flood management that nations are increasingly employing. The first International Symposium on Flood Defence, held in Kassel, Germany in 2000, emphasized flood defence measures with each successive event (Beijing 2002, Nijmegen 2005, Toronto 2008 and Tsukuba 2011) evolving towards more integrative approaches, including risk, vulnerability and capacity building. The ICFM6 theme is "Floods in a changing environment". ICFM is the only recurring international conference wholly focused on flood related issues.


  • Urban floods

  • Floods in a changing climate

  • Flood risk management in mega cities

  • Impact of climate change on flood risk

  • Land use and floods, landslides and erosion

  • Flood forecasting and early warning systems

  • Flood resilient societies through community preparedness


  • Flood risk management policy and strategic planning

  • Environmental consideration and climate change impact

  • Flood management in context of Integrated Water Resources Management

  • Infrastructure, investment and maximization of flood benefits

  • Land use control measures

  • Individual and community based flood insurance

  • Assessment and indicators of risk, vulnerability and resiliency

  • Observation and monitoring of precipitation and discharge

  • Flood forecasting, early warning systems and flood inundation mapping

  • Flood hazard mapping, risk communication and damage assessment

  • Structural and non-structural flood management measures

  • Flood disaster preparedness standards and actions

  • Emergency management and recovery

  • Social capital and community defense

  • Role of training and information networking

  • International cooperation and assistance

  • Reports on recent floods (including torrential downpours and GLOFs)

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Target audience

Practitioners and researchers alike, including engineers, planners, health specialists, disaster managers, decision makers, and policy makers engaged in various aspects of flood management.

How to register

Please submit your abstract online by 15th September, 2013.


Capacity Development, Climate Change, Community-based DRR, Early Warning, Risk Identification & Assessment, Urban Risk & Planning, Governance, GIS & Mapping, Water, Social Impacts & Social Resilience
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