India: Training government employees to minimize disaster risk in monsoons

Training Course
Maharashtra - government; Saritsa Foundation
06-07 May 2013
India (New Mumbai)
Konkan Bhavan

Saritsa Foundation advocates and practices People Centered, People Led and People Owned mechanisms to develop science of self reliant with inclusive Safety culture and Resilience. People need inputs of information, knowledge and training to respond to disasters with confidence. Saritsa Foundation believes that creation of power of self awareness, in variably results in self – confidence and faith in the limit less potential of common people which can be activated through their will power and “we can protect ourselves attitude” by needed capacity building.

Government of Maharashtra and Saritsa Foundation are organizing 2 days workshops for about 600 women and men, employees of Coastal Region of Maharashtra. The workshops are planned to raise awareness of the employees with interactive methodology with preparing them to visualize vulnerability from disasters, with special reference to climate change related threats of monsoon and other disasters and mind map action plans with use of resources, experience and expertise available at their end. This process will be strengthened with practical training, mock drills and live situation response scenarios.


  • To create an enabling environment amongst participants to build capacity by raising awareness, imparting education and training with use of local resources for innovations keeping in view the significant hazard proneness of their region.

  • To empower women and men to understand their role and responsibility towards preparing themselves and be accountable at local level to minimize losses.

  • To guide participants to evolve action plans to integrate disaster risk reduction with their daily life.

  • To be awareness raisers, trainers and motivators to sustain the initiative and keep on developing it.

  • To be able to measure and quantify sustainability of their capacity building efforts time to time and evolving future preparedness plans.

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Target audience

This training event is for coastal region employees of Maharashtra Government.


Capacity Development, Environment & Ecosystems, Urban Risk & Planning, Governance, Disaster Risk Management
Flood, Tsunami
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