Hamburg conference: Actions for climate-induced migration

Meeting or Conference
Climate Service Center (CSC)
16-18 Jul 2013
Germany (Hamburg)

The 21st century will be characterized by changes shaped by climate change. Many scientific results have shown the threats and challenges that climate induced migration poses on population, governments and governance structures. Current climate change projections suggest that the situation could aggravate, thus putting additional pressure on the socio-ecological systems and increasing their vulnerability and reducing their capability to react to any future stressor. This situation may be aggravated in many countries by the lack of state and regional capacity to manage the impacts of climate change, as well as by the unpredictable overlay of conflicts, both within nations and transnationally (Werz and Conley, 2012) It is clear that not all countries or societies are equally exposed to climate and environmental change nor are they similarly capable to cope with environmental stressors. Hence, anticipating the vulnerability to climate change of particular socio-ecological systems proves crucial for taking adequate and timely actions. Such actions can be undertaken only through efficient governance structures, and by supporting social transformation processes enabling states and populations to react to vulnerable situations. The goal of the Hamburg Conference is to increase knowledge and management inputs through an intensive learning process of decision-making, action and evaluation. Therefore we invite contributions showing tools and actions to deal innovatively with environmental and climate-induced migration. The conference outcomes should contribute to the enhancement of essential types of knowledge production that might improve and provoke further actions:

  • System knowledge identifying the cause of present problems and their future development

  • Target knowledge concerned with the values and norms that can be used to form goals of problem-solving processes

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Target audience

We invite contributions from scientists, experts, practitioners and decision-makers, with a special attention to contributions coming from the Global South. The conference aims at shedding light on environmental induced migration (CIM) and on the driving forces for action. We seek to promote not only the debate around CIM but also to increase the participation, exchange of knowledge and capacity building between the Global South and the North.

How to register

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Climate Change, Environment & Ecosystems, Information Management, Complex Emergency, Governance
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