22nd regional training course on community-based disaster risk reduction with a changing climate

Training Course
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, Training Services Department) (ADPC)
24 Jun - 05 Jul 2013
Thailand (Bangkok)
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

Course Overview The fundamental principle of community-based disaster risk reduction (CBDRR) involves the development and support of bottom up processes arising from the communities in recognition of their own needs and aspirations for community safety, and appropriate actions to address them. The CBDRR course provides an opportunity to practitioners to learn, upgrade and share essential skills and knowledge to systematically address disaster risk reduction challenges at the community level and to facilitate the processes of reducing disaster risk of vulnerable communities. CBDRR participants will acquire tools and knowledge on how to design and implement programs for reducing disaster risks and vulnerability leading to community capacity building to promote a culture of safety and self-reliance. The course provides hands-on experience through scenario-based simulation exercises for strong application of the course learning. The participants will have a chance to learn and discuss globally acknowledged programs and approaches on community based disaster risk reduction from leaders of these initiatives, with a particular focus on examples from South and South East Asian regions. The CBDRR course tackles the issues in disaster risk reduction from a developmental perspective, discusses the issues and problems concerning sustainability, replication/ adaptation of CBDRR practice and integration of risk reduction plans with government and non-government development plans. It also addresses emerging challenges such as climate change and possible adaptation options at community level.


The course aims to develop the capacity of CBDRR practitioners who will be the main project implementers at the community level on essential skills and knowledge on community based disaster risk management including:

  • Discuss the context of CBDRR in a Changing Climate

  • Design and conduct climate inclusive community risk assessments

  • Identify measures for climate inclusive disaster risk reduction through vulnerability reduction and community capacity development

  • Prepare risk reduction plans and discuss its integration into sectoral developmental programs

  • Analyze issues and challenges in the implementation of community based risk reduction & climate change adaptation programs

  • Discuss areas of professional development to become a good CBDRR practitioner

  • Build commitment and value systems to promote community empowerment for Climate Inclusive Community Risk Reduction

Course Module The course takes place over ten workdays, structured around the following modules: Module 1: Context of CBDRR in a changing climate

  • Understanding terminologies and evolving concepts in disaster risk reduction

  • Dynamics of disaster risk in a changing climate

  • Climate inclusive disaster risk reduction frameworks at community level

  • Community based disaster risk reduction process

Module 2: Climate inclusive participatory community disaster risk assessment

  • Introduction to participatory community risk assessment (PCRA)

  • Climate smart hazard assessment, application and use of tools including climate outlooks

  • Vulnerability and capacity assessment, application and use of tools

  • Disaster risk assessment at community level

Module 3: Participatory disaster risk reduction planning

  • Participatory planning for risk reduction at community level

  • Establishing monitoring and evaluation frameworks for CBDRR

  • Stakeholders analysis and partnerships for community risk reduction planning and implementation

  • Building and sustaining community based organizations

  • Mobilizing resources for CBDRR planning and implementation

Module 4: Climate inclusive community based disaster risk reduction

  • Overview to community resilience framework

  • Implementation of community-based disaster mitigation measures

  • Linking DRR and climate change adaptation at community level

  • Climate change adaptation in rural social ecological systems

  • Mainstreaming DRR in community development programs

  • CBDRR in recovery – the opportunity to build back better

  • Community preparedness for disaster response

  • Contingency planning to face exacerbated risk from climate change

  • Development of an end-end early warning system at local level

  • Public awareness in CBDRR

  • Capacity development and training in CBDRR

Module 5: Enabling environments for CBDRR

  • National; sub-national institutional systems, policy formulation and Implementation

  • Integration of CBDRR into local governance

  • Advocacy for CBDRR

Module 6: Future knowledge applications and conclusions

  • Hands-on exercise on project concept development exercise

  • Exercise on development of two project concept notes (in brief manner) using the knowledge from the earlier sessions

  • Presentation of the project concept in groups and mock-evaluation of the proposals by a technical team, course conclusions and way forward

  • Post course action planning

  • Post-test

  • Course evaluation

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Event fee

Package A with accommodation: US$3,175, package B without accommodation: US$2,275

Target audience

The course is open for participants from various sectors including, local government departments, NGOs, INGOs, UN, IFRC, national emergency response agencies and private sector. Participants from policy and senior management levels of government, UN, donor organizations and INGOs are welcome if they are interested to learn about how CBDRR is operationalized.

How to register

Please register online or kindly send the complete registration form to:

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center 979/66-70, 24th Floor SM Tower, Paholyothin Road Samsen Nai, Phayathai Bangkok, 10400 Tel: +66 (02) 298 0681-92 Cell Phone: +66 87 697 7535 Fax: +66 (02) 298 0012-13


Community-based DRR, Recovery, Risk Identification & Assessment
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