Canada: Applied climate change - Gaining practical skills for climate change adaptation

Training Course
University of Toronto
06-09 Aug 2013
Canada (Toronto)
University of Toronto Scarborough

This course provides an overview of the knowledge, tools and resources needed to become more effective leaders and managers in adapting to climate change. During the four-day intensive session, participants will develop practical skills through lectures, step-by-step approaches, case studies and hands-on activities. As part of the course, each participant will complete, and carry away, a climate change impacts and adaptation study for their own region of geographic interest that will include: how the climate has changed in the past; how the climate is projected to change in the future; how these changes have/will impact the region; and how best to adapt to these anticipated impacts. The course consists of two main outcomes:

  1. climate change basics including climate science and modelling, climate impact assessment, and climate adaptation strategies;

  2. climate change tools including climate data analysis, and scenarios of future climate change.

By the end of the course, students will take home practical skills in:

  • following the steps assigned by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for conducting a climate change impact assessment;

  • accessing, quality controlling, and statistically analyzing climate observations for your region of geographic interest;

  • preparing scenarios of future climate change for your region of geographic interest through model ensemble and validation techniques; and developing climate change adaptation options.

The course will be taught by three world-renowned teachers including Nobel Peace Prize winners, IPCC Coordinating Lead Authors, university professors and leading climate change researchers – Dr. Adam Fenech, University of Prince Edward Island; Dr. Bill Gough, University of Toronto; and Dr. Monirul Mirza, University of Toronto Scarborough.

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Event fee

All four days - $549; one day - $150

What is included in the event fee

Fees include lunch and refreshments at breaks

Target audience

Participants should have a working knowledge of computers especially MS Excel spreadsheet software.

How to register

Please register online.


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