2013 international conference on earthquake early warning systems

Meeting or Conference
Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Sichuan Bureau of Science and Technology Emergency Management Office)
07-11 May 2013
China (Chengdu)

Mexico and Japan have used their Early Warning Systems (EEWS) for several years. Institute of Care-life has built a prototype EEWS covering 400,000 square kilometres in China. Since June 7th, 2011, over 1000 earthquakes, with some being destructive quakes, have triggered the EEWS offering real time early warning. And now China is planning to extend its dynamic network creating its first comprehensive National EEWS within the next few years.

Several countries, including USA, Indonesia, Mongolia, Turkey, already experiment and develop their own specific regional seismic early warning networks.

Since early warning involves science, technology, administration, law, and social science, it is complicated and therefore requires a systematic approach, needing continuous collaborative R & D on all fronts. Early warning systems need robust and dynamic communications, integration with media and strong relationship with developing reliable prediction science.


  • EEW theory, technology and their improvements

  • The technology of applying EEW to high-speed railways

  • The application of EEW in lifeline projects

  • The application scheme of EEW in crowded place, especially in schools

  • The standards and laws for application of EEW

  • The opportunity and challenges of using EEW for governments, emergency departments, seismological departments, schools

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Target audience

We welcome and encourage experts working on the seismic R&D technology, emergency response and coordination management, administration, legal frameworks and the social science of the use of communications and seismic prediction sciences, to attend & contribute.

How to register

Please register online Registration ends May 1st, 2013

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