Africa climate conference Arusha, Tanzania

Meeting or Conference
African Climate Policy Centre (ACPC); World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)
15-18 Oct 2013
Tanzania (Arusha)
Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC).

Africa is the continent most vulnerable to current climate variability and extremes and the one most likely to suffer adverse effects of climate change. Adaptation policies and actions will be most effective if based on the best possible knowledge concerning current and future climate. To achieve this, we must fill the large gaps in our understanding of African climate through scientific research, and ensure that climate research outputs are communicated in a form that is useful and accessible to decision makers. Objectives

The overarching goal of the Africa Climate Conference 2013 is to craft an Africa-wide agenda on climate research for sustainable development, linked to existing continental policy processes, partners and institutions (regional, national and sub-national) to deliver an Africa agenda on climate research, while addressing global research needs.

  1. Provide a wide international forum to exchange understanding on the current state of knowledge of the African climate and the drivers of African climate variability and change

  2. Deepen and broaden the consensus, begun at CCDA-II, on the priority knowledge gaps/climate science frontiers that need to be addressed

  3. Review and assess the state of knowledge on each climate science frontier identified (from the mapping of knowledge gaps in 1), through presentations by leading researchers in each field.

  4. Identify missing links and obstacles that will need to be overcome in order to bridge African climate science and applications.

  5. Develop pan-African climate research program proposals for each critical climate science frontier, for funding submission.

  6. Leverage national, regional and international sources of funding to advance climate research for sustainable development in Africa.

  7. Develop and strengthen the network of climate researchers and practioners working on the African climate system, building on existing national/regional/continental climate research institutions and knowledge hubs.

  8. Create a platform for knowledge sharing, advocacy and consensus building for climate research in Africa to serve sustainable development needs

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Event fee

250 Swiss Francs (CHF)

What is included in the event fee

The fee has been set to include the cost of the venue and daily catering costs (coffee breaks and lunch).

Participants can apply for financial assistance to attend the conference and the registration fee will be included in the funding package. The registration fee will be waived pending the decision on the funding applications.

Target audience

Intended for decision-makers and climate researchers, scientists and practitioners from Africa and around the world.

All interested researchers and practitioners are invited to select a conference theme on the registration page and submit a relevant abstract of at least 500 words and no longer than 1000 words as part of the registration.

How to register

Please register online The deadline for abstract submission to the Africa Climate Conference (ACC-2013) is set to May 31, 2013.


Climate Change, Governance, Economics of DRR, Water, Food Security & Agriculture
Tanzania, United Rep of
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