CTI regional exchange on climate change adaptation: Status, lessons learned and roadmap for the future

Meeting or Conference
Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries, and Food Security (CTI- CFF); Timor-Leste - government
29-31 Mar 2013
Timor-Leste (Dili)

Background The Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) Regional Plan of Action (RPOA) establishes the goal, targets, and actions for CCA. The first CTI Regional Exchange for CCA Policy and Action was conducted in October 2010 in Indonesia, resulting in, among other outputs, a draft framework for a CCA early action plan and the design for a second regional exchange. The Second CTI Regional Exchange on CCA: Tools for action was hosted by the Solomon Islands to determine data, tools, and methodologies needed to identify and implement early actions. A major output of the second CTI Regional Exchange was the draft Region-wide Early Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation in the Coral Triangle (CTI REAP-CCA). The CTI REAP-CCA, finalized and adopted by the CTI senior officials meeting in 2011, identifies early actions that can be implemented by each Coral Triangle Country. The CTI will conduct a Six-Country Regional Exchange on Climate Change Adaptation: Status, lessons learned, and roadmap for the future. The regional exchange will provide a forum for the six Coral Triangle Countries to report on implementation of the REAP and indicators to measure progress under CTI monitoring and evaluation system. Objectives and Expected Outcomes

  • Review CCA policies discussed during the 1st Regional Exchange and assess how the CCA activities supported or contributed to implementation of these polices

  • Review status and outcomes of REAP implementation in each country within the context of CTI monitoring and evaluation system

  • Share CCA practices and case studies from selected CT countries using the CCA guide

  • Assess gaps and challenges for CCA implementation within the context of CTI

  • Discuss and agree on how the CTI CCA market place website can be made used of in identifying and planning CCA priority activities and posting these in the marketplace

  • Draw up a 5-year CCA roadmap from 2013 onwards to implement the CTI REAP-CCA incorporating updated CCA plans from the six CTI member countries

  • Conduct CCA Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting to tackle the following:

         a) Endorsement of regional priority actions and 5-year              roadmap for CCA          b) Review and endorsement of the CCA and integration guide          c) Identification and endorsement of CCA partners          d) Clarification on the operational protocols of the CCA TWG          e) Other business that may be brought up during the REX Sessions

  • Review of CCA milestones: Policies, practices and prognosis in the region

  • Country reports: Mainstreaming CCA into the national and local plans and programs

  • Assessing level of integration of CCA in key management strategies

  • Steps to addressing CCA challenges: Guide for practitioners

  • DRR strategies, CCA management options for specific target resources, VA processes, institutionalization of CCA at the local and national levels

  • Presentation of the CCA market place and other partners on CCA opportunities

  • Review of national CCA priority actions and identification of common regional agenda

  • Formulating 5-year regional CCA roadmap

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Climate Change, Governance
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