43rd regional training course on disaster management

Training Course
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)
04-22 Nov 2013
Thailand (Bangkok)

Course objectives:

By completing the course, participants should gain a sound grasp of disaster management processes and be able to apply this knowledge to:

  • Identify and assess disaster risks using risk management approached

  • Plan and develop effective strategies and systems for disaster risk reduction

  • Develop effective processes for preparedness planning in order to improve disaster response and recovery activities

  • Effectively and efficiently set up and utilize an emergency coordination center to manage disaster events

  • Address and assess key implementation issues and requirements in disaster management

Course contents:

Conducted over a period of three weeks, the course is divided into eight modules following the flow of the disaster management process: Module 1: Introduction to Disaster Management

  • Global disaster risk situation

  • Basic concepts and terminologies used in disaster management

  • Overview of disaster management

Module 2: Disaster Risk Identification and Assessment

  • Introduction to disaster risk management processes

  • Introduction to hazards, vulnerability, and capacity

  • Hazard, vulnerability, capacity and risk assessment

Module 3: Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Disaster and development

  • Prevention and Mitigation framework

  • Mainstreaming DRR in development planning

  • Disaster risk reduction practices

Module 4: Disaster Preparedness Planning

  • Overview of preparedness planning processes and concepts

  • Preparedness planning processes in key areas such as:

  1.   Setting up a preparedness planning committee

  2.   Achieving agreement on preparedness arrangements

  3.   Documenting preparedness arrangements

  4.   Conducting preparedness training

  5.   Testing preparedness arrangements


Module 5: Emergency Response

  • Emergency response management principles and concepts

  • Key response implementation considerations

  • Use of emergency coordination centers

  • ICT in emergency responses and management

Module 6: Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster recovery and reconstruction: concepts, practice and guidelines

  • Damage and loss estimation in recovery planning

Module 7: Making Disaster Management Work

  • Cross-cutting considerations

  • Working with multi-agency teams

  • Policy, legal and institutional frameworks

  • Public communication

  • Media in disaster management

Module 8: Re-entering the Real World: Making a Difference

  • Development of personal action plans


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Event fee

Package A with accommodation- US$ 4,150, Package B without accommodation- US$ 2,775

What is included in the event fee

The standard course fee of US$ 4,150 covers course tuition, training materials, single accommodation with breakfast (20 nights), two break refreshments & lunch (Monday-Friday) during the training, and study visits.

Target audience

The course is beneficial to the following:

  • Government officials responsible for disaster management policy and plans

  • IFRC/ICRC, international NGOs, NGOs involved in the areas of disaster risk reduction, response and recovery

  • Staffs from training institutes and other agencies responsible for knowledge dissemination on disaster risk reduction and management, as well as training of trainers

  • Persons involved in coordination of disaster management activities (e.g. including also the defense forces and emergency services)

  • Staffs of UN agencies

The content of the course concentrates on an Asia context with some references to other regions. However, both Asian and non-Asian participants are welcome to attend. All representatives from the different regions, organizations and backgrounds are encouraged to interact, discuss, and network to ensure the greatest benefit is gained from attending the course.

How to register

Please email the complete application form to tsu@adpc.net or fax to +66 (02) 298 0012-13.

Deadline for the registration is before October 4, 2013.


Capacity Development, Recovery, Risk Identification & Assessment, Disaster Risk Management
Cyclone, Earthquake, Flood, Tsunami
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