Climate change issues and priorities in South Asia: assessment and ideas for future engagement

Meeting or Conference
Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Network (APAN); Climate Action Network - South Asia (CANSA)
18-20 Feb 2013
Sri Lanka (Colombo)

The platform of partners under the umbrella of APAN would help to assess the policies undertaken in different sectors to address the vulnerability of the region and also to minimise the impacts due to climate change adversities and also identify the gaps in them. This would also provide an opportunity to identify new areas of engagement in the region on a priority basis. Apart from these initiatives, the exchange of knowledge between the partners who have been working in the specific areas would open up scope of cross learning and understanding of the issue. In a climate constraint situation such an engagement would help in further development of knowledge on the issue and would provide the necessary scientific and policy relevant observations through exchange. Thus the proposed Workshop would have the following: Objectives:

  • To understand the specific areas of climate change issues relevant for South Asia;

  • To understand the specific issues of partners working in specific areas in the region;

  • To identify the effectiveness of the current policy landscape on climate change in the region; and

  • To dentify the gaps and future areas of engagement in the region.

Outcomes: The Workshop will ensure:

  • Sharing of knowledge, skills and Resources irrespective of geographically demarcated boundaries.

  • mobilise proven experiences and lessons learnt from on-going climate initiatives;

  • open official and un-official communication channels among policy makers to tally notes and positions before participating in international negotiations, gradually moving towards common South Asian positions;

  • develop concrete ideas for future actions in the specific vulnerable hotspots; and

  • develop strategies for engagement with the policymakers for upscaling of the actions undertaken.

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Climate Change, Information Management
Drought, Flood
Sri Lanka
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