International conference on flood resilience

Meeting or Conference
University of Exeter
05-07 Sep 2013
United Kingdom (Exeter)
Peter Chalk Centre, Streatham Campus, University of Exeter, The Queen’s Drive, Exeter, Devon, UK, EX4 4QJ

Flooding puts huge pressure on national economies, cities, communities and individuals alike. The short-term impacts may include hundreds of casualties, many displaced people, very serious health problems and enormous damage to property and infrastructure. Affected areas may need years to recover. The aim of this event is to gather professionals to present and discuss the latest research advances and practices in the development and implementation of resilience measures and flood management plans. The themes for the conference include (but are not limited to): -Urban development and flood risk; coupling of climate change with economic growth and urban growth scenarios -Weather radar technology in flood forecasting and analysis; real-time urban flood information systems; flash floods -Data collection and model calibration; advances in urban flood modelling; mixed probabilistic/deterministic approaches -Flood hazard mapping; strategies to enhance community preparedness; communication of uncertainties in flood risk management -Flood impacts on human health; assessment of tangible and intangible losses in integrated risk analysis -Resilient cities; evaluation of resilience measures; adaptive flood risk management plans; flooding and other hazards -Flood risk perception; minimizing social impacts of urban floods; experiences in flood recovery; governance issues -Shared lessons from Asia and Europe; problems of coastal cities and mega-cities; international comparative case studies

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How to register

Deadline for early bird registration is 1st July 2013. Registration information will be made available nearer to the conference. Please send mail at regarding registration and  key information. or email at


Climate Change, Community-based DRR, Early Warning, Health & Health Facilities, Information Management, Recovery, Urban Risk & Planning, Governance, GIS & Mapping, Social Impacts & Social Resilience
United Kingdom
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