Disaster management training course

Training Course
RedR - United Kingdom
28-30 Jan 2013
Sudan (Khartoum)

Disaster Management is the organisation and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, in particular preparedness, response and recovery, in order to lessen the impact of disasters. The first to respond to a disaster are the people affected, the national authorities and national organisations. The planned transition from emergency to recovery in Sudan will involve a substantial shift in responsibility for managing humanitarian projects from the international community to national NGOs, line ministries and communities. This course aims to strengthen the capacities of national responders to take on this role. What does the workshop cover? By the end of the course participants will be able to: • Explain the characteristics and impacts of disasters and complex emergencies. • Analyse how vulnerabilities and capacities affect the resilience of communities to disasters. • Describe the different phases of disaster management and the key activities for each phase. • Explain the links between disaster management and disaster risk reduction. • Identify the international legal instruments, humanitarian principles, codes and standards which guide disaster management. • Describe and apply disaster management tools. • Identify the roles and responsibilities of different actors in disaster management and analyse how they can work together in a coordinated manner. • Prepare a disaster management contingency plan.

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What is included in the event fee

Under UKAID, we ask for a contribution of 125 SDG per person/per day for international NGOs and 55 SDG per person/per day for National NGOs. Under CHF and for National humanitarian actors ONLY, there is no course fee charged to the requesting body. Our staff will inform you whether this training is scheduled under our UKAID or CHF grant.

Target audience

People with responsibility for disaster management in line ministries, national non-governmental organisations and community based organisations.

How to register

You can apply by downloading the PDF application provided, or you can find out more about our courses and our booking process by contacting our Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Thouiba Galad, on: • SudanAdmin@redr.org.uk • +249 (0) 92 0000 323 You can also directly visit redr offices in Khartoum, Nyala, El Fasher and El Geneina


Complex Emergency, Governance, Disaster Risk Management
VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018 VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018.
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