Global congress on integrated coastal management: Lessons learned to address new challenges

Meeting or Conference
Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas Center (EMECS); Mediterranean Coastal Foundation (MEDCOAST)
30 Oct - 03 Nov 2013
Turkey (Marmaris)
Grand Yazici Club Turban Hotel

This Global Congress on Integrated Coastal Management will be the second opportunity for convening as a joint meeting of two major conference series, EMECS and MEDCOAST. The first joint conference that took place in Antalya, Turkey during 9-13 November 1999, was a major success attracting over 500 participants representing 50 countries.

Topics of the global congress

Topics of this congress include but are not limited to :

A. Coastal systems, Conservation issues

  • Rehabilitation of damaged ecosystems;

B. Integrated Coastal Management (ICM)

  • Coastal management tools and instruments, databases;

  • Coastal and marine policy, science and policy integration;

  • Coastal governance, institutional arrangements;

  • Legal, economic and social issues;

  • Education, public involvement & NGO role, media role;

  • Evaluation of ICM impacts, coastal management indicators;

C. Coastal management issues

  • Coastal wetlands, dunes, estuaries, deltas and lagoons;

  • Beaches and their management;

  • Coastal water resources and watershed management;

  • Water quality management

  • Environmental impacts, coastal degradation,

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic

  • Environmental Assessment (SEA);

  • Disaster prevention, mitigation and management;

  • Climate change impacts and adaptation strategies;

D. Sustainable development of coastal areas

  • Sustainable development concerns, indicators, sustainable development of coastal and marine resources;

  • Coastal and maritime spatial planning;

  • Urban development issues, waterfront renovation;

  • Coastal tourism planning and management, ecotourism, recreation, marine tourism;

  • Sitting of major industrial facilities;

E. Coastal engineering, Modelling, Decision support systems, Data management

  • Coastal, environmental and ecosystem modelling;

  • Coastal sediment transport and erosion;

  • Coastal processes, erosion control and shoreline management;

  • Water level changes, sea level rise and consequences;

  • Coastal and marine monitoring;

  • Use of remote sensing technology and geographic information systems in coastal management.

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Target audience

Scientists, experts, managers, planners, policy makers, administrators, resource developers, users and conservationists from all corners of the world, are cordially invited.


Climate Change, Environment & Ecosystems, Information Management, Urban Risk & Planning, Governance, GIS & Mapping, Economics of DRR, Water, Disaster Risk Management, Structural Safety
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