9th annual international conference of the international institute for infrastructure renewal and reconstruction

Meeting or Conference
International Institute for Infrastructure Renewal and Reconstruction, the (IIIRR)
Other host:
University of Queensland (UQ)
07-10 Jul 2013
Australia (Brisbane)
QUT Science & Engineering Centre

Risk-informed Disaster Management: Planning for Response, Recovery and Resilience

Coping with disasters are a challenge for government, business and communities with a full range of consequences often difficult to anticipate. Further, because of the cascading nature of the impacts, institutions are unlikely to face single incidents but rather series of systemic failures and related damage within and across functional areas: often appearing concurrently.

To achieve efficient and effective outcomes there is a need to develop improved synergies in the protection of critical infrastructure and assets, crisis management and business continuity capacities, and importantly, ensuring the safety of communities. This conference will examine themes relevant to enhancing planning for risk-informed response and recovery as well as developing dialogue on resilience in infrastructure systems and communities affected by disasters.

Conference Themes:

  • Risk-informed Planning in Disaster Management

  • Creating and Sustaining Community Resilience

  • Approaches to Designing and Managing Resilient Infrastructure

  • Options for Rapid Impact Assessment

  • Modelling and Analysis of Disaster Mitigation Systems

  • The Role and Effectiveness of Government in Disaster Planning

  • Civil/Military Cooperation in Large-scale Disaster Response

  • Futures Thinking: Anticipating needs for disaster preparedness

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Community-based DRR, Private Sector, Risk Identification & Assessment, Governance, Disaster Risk Management, Structural Safety, Critical Infrastructure
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