Workshop on promoting community-based disaster risk reduction, CCA and emergency response for older people

Training Course
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)
15-19 Oct 2012
Thailand (Bangkok)

The project

'Promoting community-based disaster risk reduction for older people and other vulnerable groups in ASEAN and Japan' is one of the key activities to expand the capacities in ASEAN on disaster risk reduction (DRR) planned by HelpAge International and its affiliates and other partners in the region. One of HelpAge’s main initiatives in the Asia/Pacific region is building strong community-based Older People’s Associations, which actively promote livelihood, health, income security, social and inter-generational participation in villages – and increasingly disaster risk reduction. OPAs are self-managed community-based organisations of older people. With the increasing regularity of natural disasters, the OPAs in some of the countries of this region have been in the frontline of emergency response and are actively developing and implementing plans for community based disaster risk reduction (CBDRR). They are also advocating inclusion of older and vulnerable groups in government DRR plans and programmes. In other countries, OPAs have not yet become active in preparing for and responding to disasters and have much to learn from the workshop. ADPC is one of the collaborating agencies that will provide technical input on DRR in the workshop. They are a leading agency on DRR in the region supporting national governments and civil society to design and implement effective DRR policies and programmes in the Asia region.

Apart from the focus on DRR, this 5 day workshop will also discuss key aspects of Climate Change Adaptation and its relevance to agencies working with older people. The last day of the workshop will be the roll out the training module developed by HelpAge on, How to work with Older People in Emergencies “HOPE”.

The overall objective is to share best practices and agree action points for promoting disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and emergency response among vulnerable groups by working through community-based institutions of older people in ASEAN countries and Japan.

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What is included in the event fee

Local cost in Bangkok for accommodation and food during the workshop will be covered by HelpAge. Unfortunately we are unable to cover international travel cost.

Target audience

HelpAge affiliates and partners in the region, ASEAN Partnership Group, relevant UN agencies, relevant government agencies in the ASEAN countries and local CSO’s in Thailand and Japan.

How to register

To register, please, find more information on the event page here.


Capacity Development, Climate Change, Community-based DRR, Governance, Social Impacts & Social Resilience, Vulnerable Populations
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