5th International conference on safety and security engineering

Meeting or Conference
Wessex Institute of Technology
Other organizer:
University of Rome
18-19 Sep 2013
Italy (Rome)
Grand Hotel Beverly Hills

This fifth Conference on Safety and Security Engineering follows the success of the first four meetings held in Rome in 2005, Malta in 2007, Rome in 2009 and Antwerp in 2011. The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of the most recent academic and industrial developments in theoretical and practical aspects of safety and security engineering. Safety and security engineering, due to its special nature, is an interdisciplinary area of research and applications that brings together in a systematic view, many disciplines of engineering, from the traditional to the most technologically advanced. The conference covers areas such as crisis management, security engineering, natural disasters and emergencies, terrorism, IT security, man-made hazards, risk management, control, protection and mitigation issues, and many others. Topics • Risk analysis, assessment and management • Infrastructure protection • Natural disaster management • Public safety and security • Emergency and disaster management • Modelling and theoretical studies • Human factors • System safety engineering • Business surveillance systems • Security surveillance systems • Critical infrastructure protection against natural hazards • Aviation safety and security • Modelling and experiments • Emerging issues in safety • Construction safety and security

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Target audience

The conference is aimed at engineers, scientists, field researchers, managers and other specialists involved in one or more aspects of safety and security.


Information Management, Private Sector, Risk Identification & Assessment, Structural Safety, Critical Infrastructure
Technical Disaster
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