International conference: Urban change in Iran

Meeting or Conference
University College London, Bartlett Development Planning Unit ) (UCL)
Other organizer:
Civitas Phoenix; Encyclopaedia Iranica; Oxford Brookes University; Urban Design Group, the (UDG)
08-09 Nov 2012
United Kingdom (London)
University College London

Background The conference’s primary goal is to provide an international forum for analysing the dynamic of drivers for urban change and the way they are dealt with, it is also aimed at prompting future direction by bridging the gap between theory and practice. The conference guiding questions are categorised to reflect, a) dynamic drivers from one side and, b) the way urban authorities address these drivers in practice. The seminar aims to provide a platform for drawing out principles from the past, which are applicable today. These principles are the most needed outcomes to not only historical continuity, but also localising the contemporary approach towards urban design within the region. The policies to respond to demographic moves and diversities include those of developing new towns, inhabiting the excess population in existing cities, rehabilitating historic fabrics and creating public spaces. Importantly, the country is the fourth natural-disaster prone country in the world, with many of its cities frequently subjected to severe damages throughout their histories. Key topics Of particular interest for the conference are the socio-cultural drivers of urban transformation along with the impacts of exposure to natural hazards on one hand, and the way in which they are dealt with on the other. The conference aims to bring together the knowledge of the dynamics of urban change and that of urban management in the Iranian built environment context. It also intends to explore the ways in which the knowledge of the subject matter can inform the practice. Managing urban transformation • What are the historical precedents of the ways in which climatic diversity in influence the formation of the built environment? • How can modern-day Iranian cities keep incorporating climatic sensitivity in their development? • What are the main environmental challenges in the Iranian cities? • What are the vulnerabilities of Iranian cities to natural hazards? • How do people perceive and live with these vulnerabilities?

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Fees Presenters Built Environment Professionals / Academics £100 Students £70 Attendees Built Environment Professionals / Academics £150 Students £100 Others £250

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Early registration 21 March 2012 at


Environment & Ecosystems, Risk Identification & Assessment, Urban Risk & Planning, Governance, Social Impacts & Social Resilience
United Kingdom
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