International seminar: Crisis and disaster management

Training Course
Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI)
06-17 Dec 2012
Israel (Nahalal)
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Program is held in English with simultaneous to Spanish.

Programme Description This two week seminar will include analysis of advanced theories and practices, required for facing the challenges of crisis and mass disaster events. Lectures will be supplemented by study tours, case studies and workshops.

The Crisis and Mass Disaster Management Programme will include analyses of mass disaster issues and potential crises. A key issue in this programme will be the most efficient application of resources in times of crisis in order to solidify and strengthen management capabilities. Programme is held in English with simultaneous to Spanish. Objectives • To deepen participants’ theoretical and practical understanding of issues involved in the management of crises and mass disasters • To increase participants’ capacity for innovative planning and implementation of policy in response to crises and mass disasters • To improve participants’ decision-making skills • To familiarise participants with the tools and methods (executive and technological) in order to enable decision makers to cope with national disasters Curriculum Crisis Management and Preparedness • The Role of Health Services during Crisis and Mass Disaster • Operating the Economy in Times of Emergency • The Role of NGOs in Coping with Crisis and Mass Disasters • The Role of the Media in Crisis, Mass Disaster & Emergency Situation • First Response Teams – Learning from Experience • Disasters Management and Population Preparedness • The Role of the Police in Crisis and Mass Disaster Management • Strategic Decision Making during Emergency Situations • The Role of the Rescue Services in Crisis and Disaster Management Management of Large Scale Sudden Disasters • Large Scale Sudden Disasters (LSSDs) Management - Introduction to National Non-Military Emergencies • Confronting LSSDs The International Community in Response to LSSDs • An LSSD Story: (Trainee's Country - Earthquake – NaTech) • Consideration for Rehabilitation – First Phase • Consideration for Reconstruction - Advanced Phase • National Security and National Strength Public Resilience – Psycho Social Aspects • Community Resilience Models • Preparedness and Operation of Communities in Crisis Events • Functional Continuity Models – Resilience of the Business Sector in Crisis Events

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Target audience

The seminar is designed for senior executives in the security, emergency and municipal communities, such as general managers and commissioners of police, fire brigades, national guards, hospitals, mayors and senior officers who manage organisations which are responsible for planning, preventing and managing mass disasters and crisis. All are entrusted with preventing, preparing for and managing crises and mass disasters.

How to register

Please send the following documents to Programme Director via email or via FAX to 972 46514811 - Registration form - Sponsors' guarantee of Payment form, signed and stamped by the sponsor - Visa application form - Passport photocopies: Pertinent information, Visa stamps, Extension date (if any) - Detailed Curriculum Vitae


Capacity Development, Civil Society/NGOs, Advocacy & Media, Disaster Risk Management
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