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World Tsunami Awareness Day


About World Tsunami Awareness Day

In 2019, the World Tsunami Awareness Day will promote Target (d) of the "Sendai Seven Campaign" which focuses on reducing disaster damage to critical infrastructure and disruption of basic services.

Over 700 million people live in low-lying coastal areas and Small Island Developing States exposed to extreme sea-level events including tsunamis (IPCC).

Investing in resilient infrastructure, early warning systems, and education is critical to saving people and protecting their assets against tsunami risk in the future.

Support the 2019 #BuildToLast and spread the word about World Tsunami Awareness Day!

Main hashtags: #TsunamiDay #BuildToLast

  • How can we ensure that critical infrastructure is built to survive tsunamis and other extreme events? Showcase your best practice by entering our video competition by 27 October! #BuildToLast #TsunamiDay CLICK HERE FOR MORE
  • Lear more about our Wolrd Tsunami Awareness Advocate - Petra Nemcova

Stories & Blogs

Stories & Blogs


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Organize your day

Organize your day

  • How can YOU help and promote the tsunami campaign?

    Organize an event to promote more awareness and education on tsunami resilience and share the details here
  • Take short videos (< 30 seconds) of exposed tsunami infrastructures and talk with experts about what can be done to reduce tsunami exposure and vulnerability. Share your stories on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Weibo accounts. Remember to tag @UNDRR and to use the hashtags #BuildToLast #TsunamiDay
  • Record a video using campaign key messages in your language and in a creative way
  • Follow us, share, like our #TsunamiDay #BuildToLast posts or tweets on TwitterFacebook  
Participate in a #TsunamiDay event near you

Learn more about #TsunamiDay and risk reduction


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Resource: Educational Material

Resource: Educational Material

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For more information about World Tsunami Awareness Day, please contact UNISDR Communications - undrrcomms(at)