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UNISDR Parliamentarian Initiative for Disaster Risk Reduction fosters Sendai Framework implementation through the advocacy and engagement of parliamentarians from around the world. The initiative promotes the dialogue from global to national parliaments and seeks to mobilize actions to build risk informed and more resilient communities. Advocacy efforts have reached more than 1,800 parliamentarians from 163 countries via partnerships with regional and global parliamentary assemblies.

Parliamentarian Initiative

The Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015 has been instrumental in advancing the Disaster Risk Reduction agenda, raised public and institutional awareness, generated political commitment and mobilized key stakeholders across civil society, catalysing actions at all political levels.

Its successor, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, sets a clear outcome, goals, principles and priorities to the substantial reduction of disaster risk and losses in lives, livelihoods and health and in the economic, physical, social, cultural and environmental assets of persons, businesses, communities and countries. Please see the document here:

The Sendai Framework calls for parliamentarian action by developing new or amending legislation, setting budget allocations and hold governments accountable for its actions.

As representatives of the people, parliamentarians have a key roles and responsibilities:
- To contribute to the primary responsibility of each State to prevent and reduce disaster risk;
- To hold governments accountable for commitments they have engage in;
- To voice out and strengthen the participation of all sectors of society.

UNISDR Parliamentarian Initiative facilitates dialogues, share good practices and lessons learned as part of the parliamentarian advocacy strategy with governmental and non-governmental organizations such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union, GLOBE Legislators, Women in Parliaments, among others. During the past years more than 1800 parliamentarians from 163 countries were reached as a result of targeted advocacy for disaster risk reduction.

With the call for contributions for the “Words into Action: Implementation Guides for the Sendai Framework”, the Parliamentarian Initiative aims to provide practical evidence and share best practices for disaster risk reduction, please see the document here:

Highlights on Parliamentarians’ working towards resilience and risk reduction in 2015

In the context of the COP21 held in Paris, France (4 – 7 December), UNISDR participated at GLOBE COP 21 Legislators Summit in a high level dialogue on coherence and convergence of the 2015 agreements, including the Sendai Framework. The meeting was attended by more than 200 parliamentarians and adopted a communique which calls the importance to consider disaster risk reduction as one of the pillars of the Post 2015 agenda. Please see the document here:

UNISDR attended a Parliamentarian Meeting organized by the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) gathering near 500 parliamentarians and adopted an outcome document and plan of action, referring the Sendai Framework. The French National Assembly hosted both meetings. Please see the document here:

Women in Parliament Global Forum (WIP) and UNISDR organized a meeting to launch the Caucus of Women in Parliament for Disaster Risk Reduction last 8 October in Mexico city, in the context of the Mexico Summit of Women in Parliament 2015. The meeting was attended by members of parliament of Algeria, Belgium, Burundi, Chile, Ecuador, Gabon, Georgia, Honduras, Ireland, Kenya, Liberia, Mexico, Russia, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Sweden, Thailand, the European Parliament and UN Women. Please see more information here:

Women in Parliament Global Forum (WIP) and UNISDR, in the context of the Mexico Summit of Women in Parliament 2015, organized a meeting with parliamentarians and the private sector to discuss ways for working together in reducing risk and how best to support the implementation of the Sendai Framework in their communities. Please see more information here:

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and UNISDR, organized a meeting of speakers of parliament on 1 September 2015 in New York, in the context of the Fourth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament. The meeting offered an opportunity for the speakers to be briefed on the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 and its implications for the post-2015 development agenda. Please see the news here:

A Parliamentary Meeting organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) took place at the eve of the 3rd United Nations World Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction last March 2015 in Sendai, Japan gathering parliamentarians representing all regions of the world. The meeting aimed to increase understanding of key elements of the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction which called for actions in support of its implementation.
1) To enable a legal environment for its implementation
2) Strengthen legislative frameworks
3) Conduct regular reviews and updates of legislation
4) Establish strong oversight to enhance accountability
Please see the document here:

Parliamentarian Advisory Group for Disaster Risk Reduction

The UNISDR Parliamentarian Advisory Group to the Special Representative for Disaster Risk reduction (SRSG) consists of 13 individual parliamentarians who have demonstrated strong political commitment to building the resilience of people to disasters. The Parliamentarian Advisory Group is a support group aiming at implementing the Sendai Framework through advocacy, exchanging best practices and legislative actions.

Advisory Group Members

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