Civil Society

Civil Society

Local partners for DRR

The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction actively promotes a whole-of-society approach to reducing disaster risk and supports inclusivity in UNISDR-led activities. The impacts of UNISDR’s work with civil society have become more recognizable in recent years.

The number and diversity of civil society organizations participating in Global and Regional Platforms, the World Conference and key UNISDR initiatives has grown steadily. Over 1,175 organizations have contributed to Prevention Web and over 2,000 participants from civil society participated in the World Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai.

Through securing space for civil society in Global and Regional Platforms, governments have gained new perspective on issues affecting implementation of disaster risk reduction and discovered new opportunities for cooperation:

UNISDR cooperates directly with both individual organizations and works to actively strengthen and grow civil society networks, globally and regionally, for outreach and implementation. UNISDR advocacy campaigns, such as the International have proven to be important vehicles for reaching out to new partners in civil society and have helped to consolidate communities of practice among groups such as such as persons living with disabilities and older persons.

Examples of disaster risk reduction networks that UNISDR works with:

Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR)

The GNDR was initiated with the close support from UNISDR and the Special Unit for South-South Cooperation of the United Nations Development Programme. GNDR was officially launched in Geneva during the first session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in June 2007 and is, today, the largest international network of organisations committed to working together to build the resilience of communities, with an excess of 800 member organisations, spread across more than 130 countries.

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Community Practitioners’ Platform for Resilience

The Community Practitioners’ Platform (CPP) for Resilience is an organizing and networking mechanism connecting grassroots community based groups working to reduce their vulnerability to disaster and climate risks in rural and urban areas. Launched in 2010 by the Huairou Commission and GROOTS International and the UNISDR, the CPP fosters exchanges of good local risk reduction and resilience building practices and promotes community action plans that can be advanced with public officials.

Visit Community Practitioner's Website

Youth Beyond Disasters

Youth Beyond Disasters was formed in partnership with the UNISDR to mobilize children and youth in the build up to the 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction. Through the mobilization, the network seeks to unify and build on the work of UNESCO, Eubios Ethics Institute, partner Universities, agencies and other people dedicated to taking simple steps to lessen the impact natural hazards like storms, fires, floods and earthquakes have on our communities

Visit Youth Beyond Disasters Website

Disability-inclusive DRR Network

DiDRRN partners work with government and non-governmental colleagues to raise awareness of the importance of disability-inclusive DRR. They work directly with people living with disabilies to raise their knowledge, skills and awareness of DRR. DiDRRN partners are also working towards establishing an evidence base of the impacts of disasters on people with disability; compiling best practices and lessons learned; and producing educational and resource materials.

Visit Disability-inclusive DRR Network Website

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