United States of America

This country is covered by UNDRR's Americas office.

This risk profile is currently being updated with new data from the 2013 Global Risk Update.
United States of America has focal point(s) for  
Sendai Framework

Focal Points

Sendai Framework

Department of the Interior

Website: http://www.doi.gov/
Contact: Associate Director for Natural Hazards
Phone: +1 703 648 6600 +1 703 395 5790

Hyogo Framework for Action

U.S. Department of State

Website: http://www.state.gov/
Phone: (202) 736-7267

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Institutional Structure / National Platform Description

The Subcommittee on Disaster Reduction (SDR) is charged with facilitating and promoting natural and technological disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The SDR provides a senior-level interagency forum to leverage expertise, inform policy-makers, promote technology applications, coordinate activities, and promote excellence in research. The SDR mission encompasses catastrophic and non-catastrophic hazards, whether domestic or foreign, natural or technological in origin.
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HFA Progress Reports

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Other Policy, Plans & Statements

Policy & Plans

Official Statements & Presentations

Other Development Reports

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Country Information

305.8 million
GDP 2007:
11,561.3 billion USD

UNDRR Americas

Luis Bonilla Street
City of Knowledge
Panama City, Panama

Phone: +507 317 1120
Fax: +507 317 0600