Iran, Islamic Rep of

This country is covered by UNDRR's Asia and Pacific office.

This risk profile is currently being updated with new data from the 2013 Global Risk Update.
Iran, Islamic Rep of has focal point(s) for  
Sendai Framework

Focal Points

Sendai Framework

Ministry of Interior

Contact: Deputy of Minister & Head of NDMO
Phone: +98 212 268 3494 +98 21 84866811

Hyogo Framework for Action

Building & Housing Research Center (BHRC)

Phone: +98 218 826 7730 +98 912 705 0041

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HFA Progress Reports

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Other Policy, Plans & Statements

Policy & Plans

Official Statements & Presentations

Other Development Reports

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Country Information

71.2 million
GDP 2007:
145.1 billion USD

UNDRR Asia and Pacific

7th Floor Secretariat Building UN ESCAP Complex 76 Rajadamnern Nok Ave
Bangkok, Thailand

Phone: +66 02288 2745

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