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This risk profile is currently being updated with new data from the 2013 Global Risk Update.
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Sendai Framework

Focal Points

Sendai Framework

Unidad Nacional para la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres (UNGRD)

Contact: Director General
Phone: +57 1 5529696 Ext. 200 +57 313 497 8959

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Institutional Structure / National Platform Description

Our institution was created in the year of 1989, with decree 919 of 1o. of May, like answer to the urgent necessity that tapeworm the National government to confront by means of one organizacióna suitable, the innumerable social and economic problems generated by the different factors from public calamity and natural disasters that during the last ones decadas have undergone the society and the country in general.


To orient the management and to coordinate the organizations of the National System for the Prevention and Attention of Disasters, that allow to the prevention and mitigación of the risks and the organization of the preparations for the attention of emergencies, the rehabilitation and reconstruction in case of disaster; incorporating the concept of prevention in the planning, education and culture of the country, that leads to the diminution of the vulnerability and the catastrophic effects of the natural and antrópicos disasters.


The Direction of Prevention and Attention of Disasters, will be the main state tool of management and coordination within the National System for the Prevention and Attention of Disasters, to obtain that the Colombian society enjoyment of a greater security and well-being by means of the reduction of the disasters generated by the occurrence of natural events and antrópicas actions, incorporating the concept of prevention and mitigación of risks in the development plans.
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Country Information

46.2 million
GDP 2007:
105.1 billion USD

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