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Sendai Framework

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Sendai Framework

Ministry of Emergency Management

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Hyogo Framework for Action

Department of International Cooperation and Rescue, Ministry of Emergency Management

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Institutional Structure / National Platform Description

1. Guiding Policies of Disaster Reduction
Disaster reduction must serve the national economic and social development. Sustained and stable economic development and social progress are the basis for deepening disaster reduction. On the other hand, a continuous strengthening of disaster reduction will provide a guarantee for the economic development and social progress. Relationship between disaster reduction and economic construction must be handled properly. The principle of giving paralled attention to both disaster reduction and economic construction should be adhered to.

It is essential to pay more attention to disaster prevention and combine prevention with resistance and rescue. Raising the people's consciousness of disaster reduction is also important. In the construction of production and living facilities, attention should be given to disaster reduction. It is necessary to apply various techniques and measures of disaster reduction and vigorously push forward integrated disaster reduction. It is important to give full play to overall benefit of various disaster reduction engineering and push forward disaster defense, resistance and rescue work in a comprehensive way.

Controlling the overall situation and highlighting important points are essential. Efforts should be made to solve major problems related to overall disaster reduction. The limited resources must be pooled together to strengthen engineering construction of disaster reduction in key regions, and make especial efforts for mitigating impact of the most serious disasters that are likely to effect national economic and social development. Effective ways must be sought to reduce other natural disasters.

We must give full play to the role of science, technology and education for disaster reduction and strengthen the study of basic theory and applicable technology for disaster reduction. Accelerate the process of transforming scientific research results into disaster reduction capabilities. Improve the over all capability for disaster reduction,education of disaster reduction must be orientated to the society. Combining popular education with professional education in this regard is important. And the people's knowledge of disaster reduction, should been enhanced.

We must bring every positive factor into play. Giving full play, to initiatives of the Central Government, local governments and all trades and professions is something that should be done well. Under the unified arrangement and coordination of the government with support from related departments, enterprises and all circles of the society are to be actively involved, so as to do disaster reduction work well.

To strengthen international cooperation for disaster reduction is another important aspect. Strengthening international cooperation by various channels and levels for disaster reduction is essential. We must continue to improve our disaster reduction work and improve China's position in the field of international disaster reduction.

2.2 Main Objectives of Disaster Reduction

The main objectives of disaster reduction are: Through the construction of a set of disaster reduction engineering works which have an overall and key importance for national economic and social development, scientific and technological achievements will be widely applied in disaster reduction, a fairly perfect operation mechanism of disaster reduction will be formed to reduce impact of various disasters on the national economic and social development, significantly decrease the relative proportion of disaster losses, and bring about a notable reduction in the number of deaths and wounded people.

2.2.1 Disaster reduction for agriculture and rural areas. Implement the policy of putting agriculture on the top of the national economic and social development, set up a perfect infrastructure system for agricultural disaster reduction. Basically solve the flood problem of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, effectively control flood of other rivers; mitigate serious water shortage in parts of North China. Basically control the accelerating tendency of soil erosion, desertification, soil secondary salinity and grassland degradation. Capabilities of defense disaster for agriculture must reach the level of resisting medium natural disasters. Science and technology on disaster reduction must be widely applied. Capabilities of integrated disaster reduction must be greatly improved. Capabilities of disaster defense in villages and township enterprises must also reach similar levels. Through the construction of integrated agricultural disaster defense and resistance cengineering, we are aiming at raising the capabilities of disaster reduction in agriculture,bringing down losses in agricultural production and death rate as well as that of the wounded in rural areas.

2.2.2 Disaster reduction for industry and urban areas. Basically carry out integrated disaster reduction plans of cities and towns above the county level throughout the whole country. Cities and their buildings and facilities must meet the require disaster defense standards. Various disasters threatening the development of industrial production and city security must be brought under effective control. In as much as major cities and towns, industrial bases lifeline projects and key enterprises have greater capabilities of fighting relatively big disasters infrastructures and various lifelines in major cities are to be free from the adverse effects of a medium or minor disaster and are in a position to have a recovery within a short time in case of major disaster.

2.2.3 Regional disaster reduction. Basically establish a rather good integrated regional disaster reduction system. Disaster reduction engineering and regional economic construction are to be carried out simultaneously. Disaster losses of key regions are to be significant1y decreased. Disaster reduction plan of the high-risk regions are to be implemented. Development of resources is to be systematically managed. Man-made secondary disasters are to be effectively controlled. Successful experiences of disaster reduction are to be widely popularized in areas with similar conditions. The integrated disaster reduction capabilities will therefore be improved markedly.

2.2.4 Disaster reduction for the society. Basically introduce a national law and regulation system for disaster reduction. Widely popularize disaster reduction education of various forms. Notably raise the people's consciousness for disaster reduction. Teams of science, technology and education for disaster reduction are to meet the requirements at various levels. Disaster monitoring system and information system will be further improved. Capabilities of disaster preparation and rescue will be strengthened. Insurance will become an important way for disaster compensation. Science and technology on disaster reduction will be widely applied.
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