Multi-Hazard Early Warning Conference (By invitation only)

23 May 2017
09:00 - 17:30
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John Harding (
Participation: Invitation only
Accessible: Yes
Primary floor language: English
Interpretation: No
ISL Interpretation: No
Live Broadcast: No
Remote Participation: No

The Conference aims to demonstrate to countries how they can build, improve the availability
of, and their communities’ access to, multi-hazard early warning, risk information and assessment.
The deliberations and outcomes will guide efforts and investments by countries and
international organisations for effective, impact-based, multi-hazard early warning systems. It
will especially discuss how to address key gaps such as faster and broader dissemination of
warnings and the quality of the information provided to those at risk at the “last mile”, through
capacity development, operational support and improved coordination and governance. It will
also highlight the importance of strengthening existing efforts for individual and cluster hazards
early warning systems. Participants will learn from, exchange information on and promote the
replication of good practices in early warning systems.