Climate Services for DRR in Africa: lessons learned

24 May 2017
17:45 - 18:45
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African Union Commission (AUC), Monitoring of the Environment for Security in Africa (MESA) programme
Olushola Olahide (
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The Monitoring of the Environment for
Security in Africa (MESA) is the African Union's flagship programme on the environment.
MESA’s Climate Services for DRR provides
climate information to mitigate disaster,
and to design and implement development
policies and plans.
The session will focus on the use of two
climate services developed under MESA,
highlighting lessons learnt and challenges
in their use. MESA demonstrated has
demonstrated that the significant warming
level and rate observed since 1950 over
African land masses is well above the global
warming signal. It identified the major hazard
scenarios expected across Africa to better
define strategic objectives useful to update
African Strategies for DRR and climate change.