Managing Global Catastrophic Risks: The Sendai Framework and the 'New Shape Prize' for disaster governance

25 May 2017
13:00 - 13:55
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GLOBE Legislators
Rafael Aybar (
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The Sendai Framework places strong emphasis on strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk. What happens when that risk is of global proportions and catastrophic in nature? What happens when tens of millions of people are impacted, as with climate change, nuclear disaster, pandemics or cyberterrorism? How fit for purpose are our governance systems to deal with such risks? GLOBE International and the Global Challenges Fund are examining these issues and the need for innovations in riskgovernance. This event highlights new opportunities in the context of the Sendai Framework and the newly-announced USD$5 million award, The New Shape Prize, offered by the Global Challenges Fund, to spur new thinking on better governance of global catastrophic risk.