Connecting Public and Private Sectors in Disaster Risk Management for Sustainable Development.

25 May 2017
13:00 - 13:55
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Mayra Valle (
Hans Peter Teufers (
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At this side event, the public and private sectors
will present their advances in promoting policies
and business models that ensure integrated
partnerships in risk reduction. The Coordination
Center for the Prevention of Natural Disasters
in Central America (CEPREDENAC), and the UPS
Foundation, representing the charitable arm
of a globally-operating private corporation, will
showcase good practices and lessons learned
in public-private partnerships in disaster risk
The session will foster analysis and propose
mechanisms to ensure sustainability and efficient
coordination in such public-private partnerships,
considering existing gaps between disaster risk
management policies and regulation, the levels
of engagement from the private sector, and the
awareness of the relationship between safe
investments and DRR.