Disaster Reduction Experiences in the Pacific

24 May 2017
13:30 - 14:30
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The Pacific Community (SPC)
Contact: Paul Taylor
Email: pault@spc.int
Participation: Public
Accessible: Yes
Primary floor language: English
Interpretation: No
ISL Interpretation: No
Live Broadcast: No
Remote Participation: No

The Pacific region is unique covering an extremely wide area, mostly in the maritime environment. Both geophysical and hydro-meteorological hazards have resulted in recent disasters. Given the considerable distances between communities, resilience is a key issue. It is important for countries and communities to develop mechanisms to reduce the risk from disasters. Participants will provide examples of processes adopted to reduce the risk from natural disasters. Presentations will showcase DRR mechanisms and lessons learned (success or otherwise) from recent experiences and provide details of the implementation of the Sendai Framework, the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific (FRDP) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).