The Australian Government and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction will postpone the 2020 Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (APMCDRR), due to be held in Brisbane in June, given the impact and uncertainty surrounding the spread of COVID-19. 
We apologise to delegates for any inconvenience caused by this decision. Options to reschedule this event at a more suitable time are currently being considered.

Attracting more than 3,000 delegates from over 40 countries, the APMCDRR is the largest gathering in the Asia-Pacific to progress disaster risk reduction efforts. Participants include ministers, government officials, representatives of the private sector, non-for-profits, civil society, and vulnerable groups.

The theme for the conference is ‘Making a change: Accelerating the transformation to risk-informed development. Enabling local and inclusive disaster resilience.’

With the Asia-Pacific the most disaster-prone region in the world, the conference provides an important opportunity to review risk reduction efforts, and for countries and organisations to make actionable commitments against the Sendai Framework. At the centrepiece, will be the release of the Brisbane Declaration and an Asia-Pacific Action Plan which will identify key priorities in the region.


Disaster risk reduction is everyone's business.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) aims to reduce the damage caused by natural hazards like earthquakes, floods, droughts and cyclones, through a practice of prevention. How we grow our food, where and how we build our homes, what kind of government we have, how our financial system works and even what we teach in schools - each decision and action can make us more vulnerable to disasters or more resilient to them.

DRR includes disaster management, disaster mitigation and disaster preparedness. DRR is also a key part of sustainable development. In order for development activities to be sustainable they must also reduce disaster risk. Thus, DRR involves every part of society, every part of government, and every part of the professional and private sector.