Innovation platform at the 2019 Global Platform

The 2019 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction will be the first to feature an Innovation Platform. The aim is to attract, showcase and display applications of new and innovative approaches in disaster risk reduction. Innovation proposals can be related to a number of areas, such as new methodologies to implement disaster risk reduction, or the use of new technology, innovative awareness-raising or educational activities and many more.

Innovation in the Global Platform will be achieved through a series of activities that include the Innovation Platform itself, an exhibit, a public performance, training and the use of innovation as a cross-cutting concept in the sessions.

This call for proposals seeks innovation proposals to be presented and showcased in a stand or small space. There are no fees involved nor are proposals funded. Proponents will cover their own travel and accommodation costs and handle the transport of any material they wish to bring with them.

Below are some examples of the many possible themes:

- Education and public awareness

- Accessibility

- Communications

- Private sector

- Risk assessments, risk modeling & data management

- Early warning systems

- Risk-informed investments & financing

- Use of art (music, written, oral, visual) in disaster risk reduction

- Cities and local communities

- Artificial intelligence


Innovation objectives of the Global Platform

1. Create an environment conducive to awareness-raising, behavior change, and to facilitate shared learning.

2. Provide stimulating opportunities for experiential learning as a powerful means to promote awareness.

3. Foster the application of new knowledge and approaches in DRR, with the emphasis on the development and use of more effective products, processes, services, technologies, and business models.

4. Ensure inter-disciplinary cross-fertilization of ideas, and to reach out beyond the more specialized DRR community so that new partnerships can evolve.

5. Identify new ways to develop cost-effective DRR interventions.

6. Propose new ideas to implement and advance the Sendai Framework.

The Innovation Platform of the Global Platform wishes to ensure a good environment for interactivity in general. Thus, we intend to make sharing experience and awareness-raising easy. Conference space will be used for this purpose in several ways. First, a space close to the entrance of the conference building will host stands for exhibits and showcasing. Additional stands will be located in other strategic locations in order to ensure good spatial distribution throughout the venue.

Furthermore, other conference areas such as open spaces, corridors and (small or medium-sized) conference rooms will be prepared to accommodate innovation related exposés, simulation exercises, exhibits, learning labs, story-telling, and artistic performing sessions.

The Selection Process

The sign up will open in the week of 19 November, with a deadline of 31  January 2019 to submit the proposals. All proposals received by the deadline will be assessed by a selection committee. Early submission of quality proposals is encouraged.

The following qualities (criteria) associated to innovation will be used during the identification of proposals:

  • Affordability: can the idea be replicated and/or scaled up elsewhere?
  • Expertise: does the idea suggest proficiency and talent in the target work domain?
  • Creative thinking: is there a clear indication of having used creative ideas, consultation, or processes in formulating the proposal, or is the proposal rather a repackaging of old-fashioned ways of doing things?
  • Task motivation: does the innovation attract or motivate others to use it?
  • Group relevance: does the idea address a specific group of people or segment of users that are seeking new or better ways of doing things and is it relevant to them?
  • Priority: does the idea directly relate to what is prescribed in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction?
  • Coherence Generation: does the idea enable substantially larger consistency, logic synergy and knowledge generation between domains (operations, groups, other normative frameworks)?

Sign up is now open

Only confirmed delegates can submit a proposal, therefore please first register for the Global Platform. If you have already registered but your application is still not confirmed, please follow up with the Global Platform team.

Applications will be accepted until 31 January 2019.

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