Official statements

Delegations are invited to provide three-minute official statements at allotted times in the plenary segments. Please see the guidance below.


Who can make a statement

All delegations can express their interest in making an official statement. Only registered and confirmed participants can log into the system to submit the request on behalf of their delegation.


How can I make a statement?

Statements are of two types - oral and written. All government delegations can make oral statements at the Global Platform. Other delegations can submit a request to make an oral statement, though time slots are limited and we may not be able to accommodate every request. We encourage all delegations to submit a written statement.

Official statements will be delivered in one of the main conference rooms. The list of speakers will be available on this website prior to the Global Platform.


Statements are public

All statements, whether oral or written, will be available to the public on this website and may also be distributed to the media.


Guidance on the format for official statements

Further guidance on the suggested format and substance of the official statements will be available in February 2019.

Register to make an official statement

Registration will open in March 2019. In order to sign up for an oral slot or submit a written statement, you must have already registered for the Global Platform, and your application must have been confirmed.

For further information related to the official statements, please contact Ms. Ana Cristina Thorlund at